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A1 Digital Life Summit 2022

On September 28 2022, the virtual A1 Digital Life Summit will take place with renowned environmental activist and bestselling author Erin Brockovich. We will discuss digital solutions for climate change and will show how digitalization can be used as a lever in the fight against the climate crisis and what framework conditions would contribute to success.


The power of nature

ESG Champions 2022 Ideas are the future

How female is Advanced Analytics?

A life without Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impossible to imagine. Six women at A1 have decided to share their enthusiasm for this topic.


Work-Life-Balance @ A1 Bulgarien


Reuse & Recycle @ A1 Slowenien

The A1 Group has set itself the Environmental goal to promote circular economy by 2030 to recycle 50,000 old devices per year. Let's have an insight into A1 Slovenia.