ESG at the A1 Group

In addition to efficiency and financial performance, it is important to us at A1 Group to continuously improve the environment we live in. This is reflected in our commitment and responsibility in the area of ESG. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance and embodies the responsibility that companies bear with their actions towards their employees and for their environment. A1 Group is aware of this and sets concrete goals for the environment, society and its people.

By including ESG as a strategy enabler in the corporate strategy, those principles are deeply anchored in the company’s core business and are taken into account in decisions. A1 Group hereby aims at a more efficient, resource-saving and thus more sustainable way of working and living. In addition, the company perceives the initiatives in this area as long-term value drivers that bring economic benefits in addition to their environmental and social benefits.

Empowering a Sustainable Future

Reaching NET-ZERO by tapping into the potential or renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Embodying and strengthening the CIRCULAR-ECONOMY

Closing the loop by recovering valuable resources and reaching ZERO-WASTE-TO-LANDFILL

Empowering our Communities and Employees

Ramping up our DIGITAL EDUCATION and empowering our future employees

Ensuring EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES for all and celebrating DIVERSITY

Fostering CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP and giving back to society

Empowering a Fair, Digital Life

Leading by example and ensuring SUPPLY-CHAIN STANDARDS

Ensuring DATA SECURITY AND DATA PROTECTION in all our areas of operation

Providing trust with HIGH COMPLIANCE and data management REQUIREMENTS

ESG News


If you would like to learn more about A1 Telekom Austria Group and its ESG ambitions, feel free to take a look at our Combined Annual Report or the Non-Financial Report. They are available for you in our download area.

A1 TAG Combined Annual Report 2021
A1 TAG Consolidated Non Financial Report 2021
ESG Ratings 2023
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For a sustainable future
Success on a sustainable foundation


Raffaela Ortner

Responsible ESG
A1 Telekom Austria Group