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A1 Initiative: Internet for All

Whether economic experts, scientists or politicians everyone agrees that digitalization is an important factor for economic growth, stability and social progress.

This is why A1 launched the Austria-wide initiative “A1 Internet for All” with partners from the education and social sectors in autumn 2011. Initially, the goal was to contribute to closing the digital divide – the lack of Internet access – and safe media use. Today, it is about actively shaping the digital world and acquiring digital skills such as programming websites or apps. Digitization should be experienced in a playful way, while at the same time potential dangers are explained.

Our initiative is aimed at children and young people, teachers and kindergarten teachers as well as parents. In cooperation with the Children’s Office of the University of Vienna and SaferInternet, more than 40 different courses are offered. These take place free of charge at the “A1 Internet for All” campus in Vienna and at schools throughout Austria. Since last year, part of our offer has also been available online. To date, more than 200,000 participants in over 14,500 workshops have taken the opportunity to actively discover the possibilities of the “digital world” for themselves. This is how we want to promote digital education and create a digital tomorrow.

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