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Here you can find more information about the company and our ESG Ambitions. Browse through our Combined Annual Report and our Non-Financial Report and see how our ESG Ambitions are rated externally under “Ratings & Indices”.


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A1 TAG Consolidated Non Financial Report 2021

A1 TAG Combined Annual Report 2021

ESG Ratings 2021

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy

As a part of our measures to foster diversity, equity and inclusion as principles of our corporate governance and thus foster a culture of mutual respect, we now publish our DE&I policy.

A1 Group Antitrust law Guideline

The aim of this guideline is to ensure that our conduct or business actions comply with the rules of fair competition.

A1 Group Capitalmarket Compliance Guideline

The A1 Group Capital Market Compliance Guideline contains the most important regulations for dealing with insider and capital market compliance relevant information.